Frequent asked questions:

Do we have to change the substrate before using TAURRUS® ?

Removing old substrate whenever possible will help to decrease the level of infestation by eliminating eggs and larvae of the parasites. We are advising to remove the substrate only when the infestation level is very high to accelerate the TAURRUS® effect but this is not an obligation and substrate can be kept.

Is there any risk if too much product is used?

There is no risk of using more TAURRUS® than advised. The only effect of extra dosage will be an acceleration of the mite disappearing.

Are there any side effects when TAURRUS® is used?

No secondary effects on animal were reported when TAURRUS® is used. Nonetheless mould has been reported when TAURRUS® is poured in very humid areas. When treatment takes place in very rich substrate containing a lot of acari, small insect, drosophila larvae…. action of predators slows down.

     Is TAURRUS® compatible with chemical treatment?

Most of chemical used for this purpose are also noxious for the predators TAURRUS®. We advise to do not use chemical treatment during the action of predators. Few chemical products with low persistence can be used one or two weeks before using the TAURRUS®, best is to contact us to check.