Predators TAURRUS® consume reptile parasite as well as other acari and small insect species. In wildlife, TAURRUS® settle themselves in some mammals burrow.

TAURRUS® predators are very small and measure less than 1 mm in adult stage. Youngs are white and adult are orange – brown coloured. They are able to live during a few weeks and reproduce in the spot where food is found. Despite they are very small, TAURRUS® act like bull and are able to attack and kill prey
3 to 4 times bigger.

As many species of small arthropod, TAURRUS® are friendly with warm and humid environment with ideal life spot at 27°C and 60% humidity level.


In this condition it is easy to see terrarium is ideal
environment to settle predator population.
This is particularly true in presence of natural
substrate such as coco fiber, loam or peatmoss.

If you dont want to spread the substrate directly on the ground you can use a small receptacle to put the flacon’s content. Three weeks later you can remove the receptacle.