Composition : the tube TAURRUS® is composed of 1000 predators mixed in a substrate (vermiculite and perlite).

TAURRUS® is a natural product containing living predators of reptiles and bird parasites such as acari and lice.
TAURRUS® are native predators of snake mite (Ophionyssus natricis) and blood chicken mite (Dermanyssus gallinae).

Once predators are released they become very active searching for preys. Efficiency of TAURRUS® can be checked after a few days depending on the level of the infestation. In case the number of parasites is 10 to 20 times more important than the number of released predators the effect will take place later. This is why it is important to react as soon as parasites are detected.

Way of use


Number of tube

Treatment frequency

Curative for high infestation (more than 5 parasites identified)

Start by changing the substrate and then pouring the entire tube TAURRUS® in the new substrate.

1 / area
(till 2m²)

Start a new treatment after 10 days if parasite population did not decline enough

Curative for low infestation (less than
5 parasites visible)

Pouring the tube above the animal and the areas where the animal spent most of its time.

1 / area
(till 2m²)

Start a new treatment after 15 days if parasite population did not decline enough

Préventive way

Product to come

Product to come

Product to come

Extra info : Shake gently the tube during 10 to
30 seconds before pouring in order to blend the tube content properly. Treat the areas where parasites are susceptible to be: substrates, nest, shelters… For tree lover animals it may be useful to pour some of the tube content on the areal part whenever possible. Otherwise with the help of a hanged mesh. If you dont want to spread the substrate directly on the ground you can use a small receptacle to put the flacon’s content. Three weeks later you can remove the receptacle.